We believe great fitness is for everyone.

Your fitness is about creating a strategy to help you achieve the life you've imagined.

This is why we started CallYourTrainer. Using technologies such as the telephone, texting, video and websites, we help real people get a plan for their fitness and stay accountable to the plan, simply and affordably.

And that's what happens when you combine your goals with the world's best Fitness experts.

You get fit. You live a better, fuller, healthier life. We guarantee it.

  • Your foundation

    Together, we will start with 3 goals: fitness, nutrition, and accountability.
  • Your plan

    Then, we make it yours by developing the plan that matters to you.
  • Balance

    You choose the strategy that combines your wants and needs.
  • Action

    You get step-by-step guidance so you can get where you want to go, faster and easier.
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What You Get

  • Available 24/7

    A Dedicated personal training professional, available to you 24/7 via email.
  • Fitness plan

    A fully-customizable fitness plan that helps balance your wants, needs and "best you".
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  • Online support

    Online tools, classes, articles and support to help you put advice into action.

Why Choose CallYourTrainer

  • 1
    Your CallYourTrainer personal trainer is a like a knowledgable and trusted best friend.
  • 2
    Having your own CallYourTrainer personal trainer is cheaper and more efficient.
  • 3
    You benefit from a trained team of personal trainers who can help you get amazing results using telephone-assisted personal training.
  • 4
    With thousands of loyal customers representing every state in the United States and 30 countries, CallYourTrainer (part of Personal Trainer Central) is quickly becoming the International leader in the private, personal training industry.
  • 5
    Specialized Personal Trainers Ready to Serve You -- Ranging from General Fitness, Strength training, Weight loss, Older adults, Rehab, Sports, People with Disabilities, Youth, Remote training (Telephone and Internet) and more.
  • 6
    You get unlimited support from your own CallYourTrainer support staff to ensure you get the best personal training experience possible.
  • 7
    No hidden costs: if your CallYourTrainer trainer isn’t right for you or you want your money back -- just ask.
  • 8
    We use SSL (secure socket layering) technology to ensure your information is safe and secure.
  • 9
    You have access to a trained team of personal trainers who can help you get amazing results using telephone-assisted personal training. This means no chaotic gyms, no driving. You get regular private guidance and accountability from your own private personal training expert.
  • 10
    You benefit from Industry Standards Best Practices -- That’s because we train the trainers -- using a cutting-edge online Learning Management System providing professional continuing education training for thousands of the world’s best personal training and fitness professionals on a wide range of our great industry’s topics. Most of our trainers are college educated and are certified by: ISSA, ACE, NASM, ACSM.

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